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Renters Insurance

from Spangler Insurance

Renters Insurance

Coverage for Your Personal Property as a Tenant

If you rent in Seattle, whether you lease a student place in the U-District or a luxury apartment Downtown, you want to make sure your belongings are protected. Renters insurance allows you to protect your personal property without having to pay for the structure insurance component of homeowner insurance.

If your belongings are lost or damaged by fire, theft, vandalism, and many other disasters, renters insurance pays to replace them. The items protected by renters insurance include:

  • Furniture
  • Home decor
  • Electronics
  • Large and small appliances you own
  • Clothing
  • Sporting gear
  • Kids’ items
  • Personal property

You can choose between actual cash value insurance (the value of your items after depreciation) or replacement cost coverage (the price of buying those items today).

Knowing you won’t have to use your savings or credit cards to replace your belongings if the worst happens can give renters terrific peace of mind. You even get coverage for accidental damage to your rental property. Specialty coverage can be added to protect your artwork, antiques, jewelry, and other valuables.

Extra Protection Beyond Personal Property Coverage

In addition to your personal property protection, your renters insurance will likely come with a few other extras. You will have liability insurance in case of injuries or dog bites in your rental unit. And usually, these policies provide alternative living expenses (AKA loss of use coverage) if you need to move out while your place of residence is being repaired or reconstructed after a claim.

It’s easy to add even more protection if you like. A personal umbrella policy can increase your liability coverage to a million dollars or more. You can also add flood or earthquake insurance, which is a smart move in the Seattle area, given climate change-related severe weather and the risk of seismic events.

Don’t Wait Until You Have a Loss to Call

The time to buy renters insurance is before you have a loss. Our independent agents in Seattle can help you select the ideal coverage for your rental unit. At Spangler Insurance, we’ll tailor a policy to your unique needs and budget. We have access to a large array of insurance choices for you, so your requirements are specifically addressed.

Call us at 206-329-7447 to talk about renters insurance for your place of residence. Or simply reach out online to start a quote or send us your questions.