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High Value Home Insurance

High Value Home Insurance

Your High-Value Seattle Home Needs Special Protection

Is your home in Seattle worth more than $750,000? If so, you should consider a high-value insurance policy instead of regular homeowners insurance.

High-value home insurance is designed to protect homes where replacement costs after a claim might outstrip policy limits. This is because high-value homes often have more expensive finishes, furnishings, and landscaping than other properties.

Say you have a fire in your high-value home. If your regular policy limit is $750,000 but it would cost $900,000 to restore your home to its original state, a high-value insurance policy is better for you. We often recommend it for clients with historic homes; homes with expensive, imported, or hand-crafted finishes; and properties with many luxury amenities.

High-Value Home Insurance Policies Offer Extra Perks

You’ll typically find that high-value home insurance gives you some nice extras you don’t get with other policies, such as:

  • Higher limits on compensation for personal belongings
  • Better coverage of valuables, like jewelry, fine art, and antiques
  • Automatic additional living expenses if you have to vacate your home while it is being repaired or rebuilt
  • Coverage of landscaping components
  • Choice of replacement cost options, including guaranteed replacement cost no matter how expensive it is

Call Our Independent Agents Today About High-Value Home Insurance

Your high-value home insurance policy should be tailored to your unique property. That’s why it’s better to partner with an independent agent. At Spangler Insurance, we not only provide stellar personalized service, but we also have more insurance products to let us customize your coverage.

Call us at 206-329-7447 today to learn more about high-value home insurance in Seattle, or start your policy online right now.