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Business Insurance

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Business Insurance

Small Businesses in Seattle Need the Right Insurance Protection

If you operate a small business in Seattle, you want to protect your investment with business insurance. Otherwise, a lawsuit, fire, equipment failure, or other unexpected emergency could cost you thousands or even put your company out of business. Small business insurance was designed to give you peace of mind that a liability claim or accident won’t jeopardize your hard work and employees’ livelihoods.

Liability Claims Are a Risk Even for Small Businesses

Did you know that small businesses in Seattle are at greater risk of liability claims than large enterprises? And small businesses are the least well-equipped to handle lawsuits and settlements that can run over a million dollars in the worst cases.

General liability insurance protects you in the event of a situation like:

  • A visitor falling at your office and needing hospital care
  • A bystander being hurt by a tool at your job site
  • Someone getting sick after eating food you’ve prepared in your restaurant

There is general liability insurance for all kinds of companies, as well as insurance tailored to certain high-liability-risk professions like architecture, engineering, barbering, landscaping, contracting, and commercial cooking.

You can also add special liability insurance for:

  • Errors and omissions
  • Employment practices
  • Officers and directors

Want even more liability coverage? Add a commercial umbrella policy. It will cover you when you reach the cap on your general liability policy.

Assemble Business Insurance Coverage Based on Your Needs

Liability coverage is just one component of small business insurance protection. Depending on your business model, you may need other types of small business insurance, such as:

  • Property insurance for your business premises
  • Earthquake and flood insurance to supplement your property insurance
  • Equipment or tool insurance for the property you need to operate, including for mobile businesses
  • Commercial auto coverage for vehicles you and employees drive for business
  • Cyber insurance to protect you in case of a data breach, hack, or identity theft
  • Equipment failure protection if a breakdown means you can’t work
  • Loss of income insurance should events beyond your control prevent you from operating
  • Bonds to back up your promise to uphold professional standards or complete a job on time
  • Workers’ compensation to cover employees who get hurt on the job
  • Inland marine coverage if you transport valuable items that belong to others

Our independent agents at Spangler Insurance are experts at helping Seattle area businesses find the insurance coverage they need to reduce financial risks. Give us a call at 206-329-7447 to tell us more about your business, or start your policy online any time.