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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

How to Choose the Right Insurance Policy

Insurance is a must, whether you own a home, drive a car, or run a business. But how do you select the best insurance policy with all the choices out there today? Here’s some expert advice that offers five expert tips to help you get the right coverage.

Decide What Needs Protection

First, you need to decide what exactly you need to protect. For example, you may have a house for which you’d like homeowner insurance. But you also have some valuable antiques, silver, and jewelry you want protected. That might require some extra scheduled coverage beyond your regular policy.

Do you have your own mobile construction business? You probably want a suite of insurance products for a variety of scenarios. We discuss assessing risks below, but for the moment, think about all the elements of your business in which you’ve invested. That could be a small office, a van, and a lot of equipment and tools without which you can’t operate.

Assess Your Risks

Insurance was created to help people avoid the financial peril that often accompanies various risks in personal and business life. Common risks include:

  • Fire
  • Storms
  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Accidents
  • Lawsuits

You want to make sure your policies cover these common dangers. And there might be risks associated specifically with your unique lifestyle or profession.

Do you own dogs? You should probably have a personal umbrella policy in case they bite someone. This gives you more liability coverage than a homeowner or renters policy.

Maybe you have a small store. What if someone slips and falls there? General liability insurance is a place to start for protection, with business umbrella insurance providing additional coverage.

Other risks you may not have considered include:

  • Having a teen driver in the household
  • Driving more than the average motorist
  • Owning a rental or Airbnb property
  • Working in a profession with costly errors
  • Collecting customer financial or personal data
  • Owning a pool or waterfront property
  • Engaging in high-risk sports or leisure activities
  • Having loved ones depend on your income
  • Being a public figure or high-net-worth individual

Your agent can help you evaluate these heightened risks and get the protection you need.

Check State Requirements

In some instances, the state of Washington plays a role in determining your insurance coverage. For all motorists, carrying the minimum liability auto insurance is one of these requirements.

Another one is having workers compensation insurance. Our state doesn’t allow private workers comp. Instead, you must purchase it from the Department of Labor & Industries or become a certified self-insured employer.

Fortunately, you don’t have to keep track of all the insurance regulations in Washington. A good agent will do that for you.

Look at Your Budget

Most folks want insurance that works within their budget. There are multiple ways you can save on insurance and still get the protection you desire:

  • Bundle multiple insurance policies with the same agency to take advantage of reduced administrative costs.
  • Learn how to make your premium and your deductible work together. Usually, a higher deductible reduces your monthly, six-month, or annual premium.
  • Use the tips above to get the coverage you need without paying for useless extras. Do you rent or own a condo? In that case, you don’t need protection for the actual structure you live in because you don’t own that. Instead, you need insurance for your belongings and any upgrades you’ve made on your own dime.
  • Ask about plans for good driving, low mileage, home safety features, and the like. Insurance carriers often reward lower-risk policyholders with discounts.

Explore Options with an Independent Agent

There’s one more way to save on your insurance: partner with an independent agency like Spangler Insurance. We have tons more insurance options for you than going with a big-name company that ties you to a few limited products.

This lets you get the best price and tailor a policy to you without paying for coverage you don’t need. You still get the essentials covered in case the worst happens, so you can always rest easy.

Call us today at 206-329-7447 for more tips and personalized assistance with your insurance needs. You can also start a policy online any time.