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The Top Most Affordable Cars to Insurance

The Top Most Affordable Cars to Insurance


Car insurance is a pricey proposition for many. There are a lot of factors which determine how much you are going to pay for insurance, with perhaps the most prominent one of all being the make and model of the vehicle.


Here are some of the most affordable cars to insure overall. Keep in mind that annual insurance for all of the listed vehicles is under one thousand dollars. Read on for some great options which save money on insurance.


- Chrysler Town and Country

-Mazda Tribute

-Saturn Vue

-Smart Cars

-Kia Rio5

-Hyundai Entourage


Note that all of these vehicles are range from small cars to midsize SUVs. They all fall within what the average person is looking for in a vehicle, and do not have the “luxury” tag attached to them. They are simply good mid range cars which will suit the needs of their drivers perfectly well. Another thing to note is the variety of brands which are present within this selection.


Drivers are in no way going to be limited to one class of car not to one specific brand if they want options which will save them money on their car insurance from year to year.


When it all comes down to it, it is perfectly possible to pay under a thousand dollars in insurance each year. What’s more, these car models are effective and practical, making them great choices for those who want to save on everything from repairs to insurance.