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Easy Home Maintenance Tips

Easy Home Maintenance Tips

Keeping up on the maintenance of your home has 2 great advantages. First, it keeps your home looking and feeling nice. Imagine how much you appreciate something that is clean and working as it should. Then think how much you dislike something that is dirty and in disrepair. You use your home every day for hours at a time. Don’t you think it’s worth keeping looking nice?

Second, it often saves you from heftier expenses that come when small problems are allowed to become big ones. For instance, properly maintaining your heating system will cost thousands of dollars less than it would cost to fix the damage a fire could cause. So too, properly maintained pipes keep your home safe from water or flood damage that could cost you thousands in repairs. Here are a few things you can do consistently to better maintain your home.

1)      Clean out your clothes dryer’s exhaust duct at a minimum of once a year. Lint that makes it through the filter—and it will make it through the filter—will get stuck in the exhaust. This lint is so dry that it can catch fire.

2)      Replace filters as often as prescribed by the manufacturer. You never want a dirty filter anywhere. Whether it is the filter for your air or the one you use in your furnace. Replace it on a regular schedule.

3)      Vacuum the refrigerator coil once a year. Keeping these coils clean is imperative the efficiency and safety of your refrigerator.

4)      Clean out the gutters on your roof on a set schedule. Leaving leaves and other debris in your gutters can warp and break them with time. The gutters help prevent water entering your home, transporting it down a safer path to the ground. Should they break, they could be the source of major water damage within the home.

Save your home from needing major repairs and keep them working right with proper home maintenance.