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7 Important Things You May Not Know About Your Home's Windows

Written by: Charle Ston

1.Thirty-nine percent of an average homes yearly energy use is due to heating and cooling according to the U.S. Department of Energy. It's estimated that up to 30% of a homes energy bill is lost through their windows so if your electric bill seems high and you can't seem to explain it, it might be worth having a qualified window installer in your area (someone who has to the specialized equipment and knowledge to identify air flow leaks) come out and see if your windows are properly installed and up to today's standards in energy efficiency.

2.High-Impact Windows can drastically reduce burglaries and home breaks ins. Thieves will often enter a locked home by breaking a back window.High-impact windows are resistant to strong blows, for instance, from hammers. This makes your family and possessions more safe.

3.Improper window installation or deterioration of caulking and insulation can lead to "invisible," but extensive condensation problems inside your walls. If a window in your home is allowing in moisture, even small amounts, over time a mold and mildew problem may begin brewing inside your wall, behind the drywall. Examine the areas surrounding your home's windows carefully. Look for discolored paint and/or even very slight buckling of the drywall.If you notice a problem, contact a qualified window installation company immediately to address the problem.

4.Condensation on the inside of your windows indicates your home is probably too humid. As long as the windows were properly installed and there is no leak, this moisture indicates excessive humidity which may be damaging unseen parts of your home where mold and mildew may be developing - under the carpet, in your walls, etc.

5.Shaded and translucent windows are available to give you privacy for people outside your home and save on energy bill. Some people live in neighborhoods with lots of people walking by their home - during the day and at night. There are windows available that offer a "tint" or "reflection" (only visible from the outside) that makes it difficult to see into a home.

6.If you live in a hurricane prone state such as Florida or South Carolina you may be able to save on your Homeowner's Insurance by installing "Hurricane Proof," High Impact windows. Many insurance companies consider this "wind mitigation" and give you a discount which makes sense because during a severe storm if your windows break, wind and water can now enter your home and damage electronics, wooden flooring and furniture, and other possessions. This is often worst than the damage to a home's exterior.

7.There are an incredible amount of options for your home's windows and upgrading them adds significant resale value. Double and triple panes, single and double hung, aluminum or vinyl frames... the variation is almost endless. Most people move into a house and just assume their home's windows are there permanently and don't give it much though. Truth is, home window manufacturers have solutions and products for almost any situation. Is the lighting in one of your rooms dimmer than you'd like? There is probably a window solution for that. Is a certain room drafty or doesn't get enough breeze on nice days? You can change nuisances like that by switching out your home's windows.